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Thursday, March 2, 2017

The Apple Pencil will have its space in future iPad cases

The Apple Pencil is an essential accessory if you buy one of the latest iPad Pro. This digital pen, gives us a versatility that few devices of its category can offer in this price range. In addition to the apps designed specifically for him that are available in the App Store, we find a tool to keep in mind for all types of creative and graphic arts professionals.
However, this does not relieve him of the problems that all products carry with them in their first generations, and of those that take too long to get rid of normally. Today, we will talk about a very specific one, the storage of the Apple Pencil , a really relevant aspect when thinking of the iPad Pro as a "laptop", and that Apple has left behind in this first version of the product.

Finally we can keep our Pencil together with our iPad Pro

Apple Pencil Patent
These days, we have been able to access a patent registered by Apple, which shows how the company is already designing sleeves capable of solving this problem without the need, in principle, for a hardware renovation. And although the company is close to presenting the new version of the iPad Pro , users of the first generation will continue to have this problem so annoying that it is not being able to keep our Pencil with the iPad to never lose it.
This solution that we discussed, and you can see in the drawing that accompanies the post, would apply to all versions of the covers, including the case with keyboard, and would function so that we would only have to slide the Pencil in it . Despite the appearance of this patent, it is very possible that this patent was left behind in the process of designing the new iPad to be replaced by the magnetic support we discussed earlier.
In this way, Apple would be able to fulfill one of the characteristics more demanded and at the same time simple of the last years. Now we just have to wait and see if you really have considered it for this year's version.

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