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Friday, March 3, 2017

The launch of the iPhone 8 will not be until October, at least

As soon as the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus came out, the barrage of rumors and leaks came up around the next phones of the Cupertino giant. Although these are powerful devices that have nothing to envy to high-end Android, the truth is that the current models have not had a reception too good and users expect the arrival of the iPhone 8 .
Rumors coincide that the next phone on the block will feature OLED screen for the first time , which could have a higher pixel density than ever , and that will even be curved . Also expected great new features as a front camera that will revolutionize with 3D selfies , or the presence of USB-C connector , for example.
Much is expected of the following iPhone, which have the mission of being all innovative and spectacular that have not been the 7. But it seems that they are going to take longer than anticipated .

The production of the iPhone 8 is very complicated and requires more time

Rumors have not ceased as to whether or not the release will be in September, the month marked on the calendars of all Apple fans. Today news comes on, and they are not good for the most impatient, but they do indicate that the company wants to do things well and not make mistakes in the rush (as happened to Samsung with the already disappeared Galaxy Note7).
IPhone 8 concept 2
In fact, that's why the production of the iPhone 8 will not start until September , as reported from Omicrono . Specifically, the delay in the manufacture of these models has to do with the complexity of the process .
This is due to the novelties that Apple will integrate into its most ambitious phones . An example is the ultrasonic technology that would replace the capacitive sensor and would be located in the lower area of ​​the screen. There will be the new function bar that, among other things, would allow to eliminate or reduce the maximum of the screen frames.
Touch Bar
It is a breakthrough, but it involves more work on the design and development of the iPhone 8. To take the necessary time, it seems that Apple has in its roadmap postpone the launch at least until the month of October , according to reports Half quoted.
Although it is very likely that the firm already has the specifications completed, the iPhone 8 must first pass a trial period . It will be time to make functional prototypes , those that will end up filtered and of course we will show you in iPadizate.
So it takes Apple several months to test all the technologies it has decided to integrate into its next phones. In any case, this means that this is an iPhone that promises to be a beast . What do you think you expect more for a better iPhone?

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