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Thursday, March 2, 2017

The new Nintendo Switch will be able to charge the battery of your Mac with USB-C

Tomorrow officially launches the new game console Nintendo, the Nintendo Switch. Even so, there are already journalists and other fortunate who have been able to prove it during these last weeks . Thanks to them, we get the first curiosities. And it is that the journalist of Quartz, Mike Murphy, has taken a surprise to connect the new game console of Nintendo to his MacBook Pro , since, unlike what we could think, it acted as power for the laptop and charged its battery .

Nintendo Switch, external battery for Macs

The reporter has posted on Twitter an image where you can see the Nintendo Switch connected to the computer with a cable that does not look like the official, since the one that includes the game console is USB-C to power adapter. Not content with the discovery, Murphy did more testing with both teams . He also discovered that if you turned off the console before connecting it to the laptop, it is the one that will supply power to the first one, charging its battery . While waiting for tomorrow to officially go on sale, it is not clear at the moment why this happens, as as with any other device, it would be logical that the laptop power the Nintendo device.
Lol if you plug a Nintendo Switch into a new MacBook Pro, the Switch charges the laptop, not the other way around
Nintendo confirmed that the battery of the Switch is 4310 mAh and that the console consumes about 39W. On the other hand, a MacBook Pro without Touch Bar can draw up to 61W from the charger. The reporter could also check, as the charger with USB-C connection included in the Mac, also charges the Nintendo battery .

Parental Control Switch now available on the App Store

At the gates of the official launch of the Nintendo Switch, is now available in the App Store to download the application Parental Control for iOS devices . It will allow parents to remotely control the content of the games their children use, in addition to the time they use the game console . Restrictions for some other features are also available.

And you, do you already have your Nintendo Switch reserved? Are you going to get one?

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