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Saturday, March 4, 2017

With the new iPad Pro going to class is going to be a much less boring

A few weeks after the launch of the iPad Pro - although we know that this time the traditional March date could be delayed until almost the summer - Apple continues to put our long teeth with the features of the new iPad Pro . This time, through two Twitter-inspired ads highlighting the Apple Pencil, built-in camera and recording functions. Do they leave you with your mouth open? Me neither because I expect much more.
As you know, Apple is determined to forget your laptop and buy an iPad Pro . So much so that in his penultimate announcement he emphasized that with his pen you can even forget to print . But the Apple Pencil has many more features. For example, taking notes. That's where "Take better notes" focuses.

Can you imagine how useful it is for students to be able to digitize their notes at the moment? But in addition you can also record your teacher's class and afford the luxury of sleeping - but just in case you do not, that the iPad can help you a lot but your image will be deeply damaged - as in the advertisement.
The second announcement of the imminent new iPad Pro is called "Need less stuff" and is focused on its ability to replace many other gadgets , something we already knew because as we have said many times, iOS devices are man's best friend, Or woman, you understand me. If it came to replace the calculators, cameras, notebooks, calendars ... now also also serves to save in a drawer our scanner and even the laptop.

Of course, if the iPad Pro really wants to replace the laptop, perhaps it could also incorporate a keyboard, it would also be fundamental for the user experience to integrate the possibility of being able to incorporate a mouse , because nothing is more comfortable than a mouse although the display is tactile.
With the iPad Pro Apple continues its advertising campaigns of 15 seconds, inspired by Twitter - actually uses real tweets of anonymous people. Will it be the last campaign before its launch? Let's hope we do not have to wait much longer

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