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Thursday, May 25, 2017

9 FREE apps for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

The iOS App Store is constantly updated with new game releases and new apps every week.
In addition, developers promote their apps by applying very interesting offers like in this case, with free applications for a limited time .
Free Apps
We do not know how long the offers of each of these apps in the App Store will last, so we recommend downloading the ones you like the fastest possible.

Apps for iPhone and iPad for free for a limited time


An application that allows you to detect Bluetooth devices in your environment by saving your location.

ToDo Calendar

ToDo Calendar is an application that offers you the possibility to manage, organize and control your daily tasks and events.

Cellular Signal Booster

With this application you will be able to identify and locate all the towers of data of the operating companies.


Klocki is a very relaxing puzzles and skill game with very interesting minimalist graphics.

DriveBox HD

An entertainment application for the car: maps, video, calls, radio, widgets ... Especially designed for cars, trucks and motorcycles.

Captain Cowboy

Captain Cowboy is a space-based adventure game in which you'll have to explore a vast world full of dangers. Ideal for lovers of retro games.

Custom Emoji Maker

Have you ever wanted to create your own emoji? Well with this application you can do it. It offers all kinds of customizations, styles and options.

Space Cheese

Space Cheese is a fairly simple but very entertaining skill game. Your objective will be to guide the "cheese missiles" through space while avoiding obstacles.

Diary Journal 365

Diary Journal 365 is an app that lets you automatically organize your photos on a calendar and on a map based on your location.
So far our selection of free limited time apps from the iOS App Store for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Which of these apps did you like the most? Run and download before the end of the offer!

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