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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

A former Apple designer and a former Twitter engineer teamed up to create "Halide"

An ex-Apple designer and a former Twitter engineer have teamed up to create a new iOS camera application called Halide. The idea is to offer a variety of high quality tools to take quality pictures, but with a memory that works in a way similar to the one that works a camera in manual mode.
Halide was developed by Ben Sandofsky and Sebastiaan de, both of whom have experience with high-end photography. Sandofsky previously worked on Periscope's video processing stack, advised HBO "Silicon Valley" and Shyp, and served as technology leader in iPhone, iPad and Mac applications on Twitter. Meanwhile, With is an ex-Apple designer who has done client work for Sony, T-Mobile, Mozilla and others, and heads the San Francisco Pictogram design agency.

Halide seeks to take full advantage of the iPhone's camera

Halide is intended for those who have a certain understanding of photography, and want to do things like quickly changing exposure or manual focusing with a hit, thanks to the manual adjustment options it offers. But, there is also an auto mode built in as the iOS file application. This makes the app usable even by novice iPhone photographers, who sometimes need help when it comes to taking complicated shots.
However, this automatic mode is designed to be turned off by touching the "A" button to adjust specific values ​​such as ISO, white balance and shutter speed. The application also includes professional tools like the scoring approach - which highlights areas in focus, allowing users to manually zoom in - a detailed histogram, an adaptive level grid, and support for JPG and RAW capture.
Another feature of the app is the instant review, which allows you to swipe left or right the photos you just took of them or mark them as favorites. You can also use 3D touch to preview the last photo you took with it.
The team does not expect their new application to completely replace the default camera application, but it exists alongside it, ready for those occasions when you want to take a great photo, not just a quick one.

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