Thursday, May 25, 2017

A tool is available to dump the iOS 9.3 kernel - 10.3.3

Coffee Breakers has just released a tool that lets you dump the iOS 9 - 10.3.3 kernel on any iPhone or iPad on the market.
This way, developers who are interested will be able to work more thoroughly and find new security holes with which to access the kernel of an iOS device.

Dumbling the kernel could help find new security holes in iOS

Therefore, although the tool is public, I do not recommend any of you to use it , especially when in beta, as it could cause some unexpected problem that forces the user to restore their device.
In short, this tool does not mean that we will see a new jailbreak soon , it is more likely that the next jailbreak has no relationship with it, although without a doubt it is a step that will facilitate to some extent the same.
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