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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Apple and Samsung reduce market share due to growth in sales of Chinese mobile phones

They have been published the latest sales data for smartphones concerning the first quarter of this year 2017 . In it you can see some curious facts ... How do you think it will have gone to Apple?

Apple cuts its smartphone sales market share

I guess you've already seen it in the title, and is that Apple has not done very well this first quarter. So far the company has always been growing in the amount and percentage of  smartphones  sold. But this has changed ...
Smartphone sales according to Gartner.
Smartphone sales in the first quarter of this year (left) and last year (right) according to Gartner .
If we compare the first quarter of this year with that of last year we can see a decrease of 1.1%. Specifically, last year Apple had a 14.8% mobile market share, while in the last quarter fell to 13.7% .
And what can this decline be? This is already an opinion, but I think it is due to the few differences between the iPhone 6S and the iPhone 7 . In addition, all expectations put on the iPhone 8 make people prefer to wait and not buy.
IPhone 7 Plus Cameras
IPhone 7 Plus

Samsung has also fallen in favor of Chinese mobile phones

Apple is not the only one that has seen its market share reduced, and is that its eternal rival Samsung is not doing too well. Specifically, the Korean company has seen its mobile market share fall from 23.3% to 20.7%.
But obviously not all companies can go down, some have to go up. And who has benefited? Those who have benefited most from all this have been the Chinese brands. And yes, I know that iPhone is manufactured in China, but with "Chinese mobile" I mean those that have been designed and assembled in the People's Republic of China.
For example the most notorious case is Huawei , which has gone from 8.3% last year to 9% in the same quarter this year. Recall that Huawei is the brand of Chinese mobile that produces more sales, in addition to being the most popular.
But another very important Chinese company is Oppo . And here the growth is still more surprising, going from 4.6% to 8.1%. A growth of 43% over last year! Also highlighted is Vivo Smarphone , which has gone from 4% to 6.8%, which is also a rather surprising growth.
Huawei P10
Huawei P10


As we can see, it seems that the tables are starting to change. It remains to be seen what results there are in the remaining two quarters of this year, and compare them with those of the previous year.
What do you think? What kind of mobile do you own? If you had to buy a mobile now, which one would you buy?

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