Monday, May 29, 2017

Apple cables continue to disappoint

Apple has always been characterized by having a large community of users, which we could describe as unconditional fans of the manzanita brand. It is not uncommon to see a user with an iPhone, an AppleWatch and MacBook with which he works, and that every now and then renews to have the latest models.
Undoubtedly, this is one of the great advantages of Apple within the sector. In addition Californians, have always been characterized by giving users those quality products that were always above expectations.
Even with this and after ten years have passed since it marked a before and after for the company, as was the presentation of their first iPhone, Apple still have the same failure in their products as when they started with the iPod .
Broken macbook charger
Apple cables are not up to the quality products offered by Californians . Just open any product, we will see that white utensil with which we will load our device of the apple.
The first problem we encounter with these Cupertino loaders is that they are often in contact with the ground, which is why they become soiled quickly . But the other alternative, is that it picks up that grayish color of being moving from one place to another.
This event not only occurs with the charging cables, but the headphones that accompany our iPhone, suffer as much or more such problems by putting them in a pocket or a backpack to carry them with us.

IPhone 7 Headset
Needless to say, that another of the big problems that we experienced Apple users with their cables, is the break of these. It is possible that if you always carry your devices in the same location this is not a problem that you have seen, but for people who need to move and load our devices, it is normal to change several times of cable load throughout the life of the Product, by the deterioration of this .
Even with all this, surely Apple does not change its policy when it comes to renewing such add-ons and listening to music. But without a doubt, today from Applesencia we would like to know if you have or have had such problems, and what possible solution you would give if you were Apple.

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