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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Apple continues to work on attracting Android users with a new website

Apple opens a website for Android users to go to the apple bite world, showing them many of its charms.

Apple urging Android users to make the leap

Apple is pulling it open web pages of all kinds. Yes a few days ago we told you that Apple had opened a website to see their contributions to the US, and then a web , very interesting indeed, about totorales to improve your photos, now the web is dedicated to Android users. Yes, as you read it.
It turns out that Apple wants to continue gaining users in its mobile operating system and for it has designed a website totally dedicated to make things easier for new iOS users, coming from Android.
The format they have chosen is as simple as a FAQ - Frecuent Answer Questions , or what comes to be Frequently Asked Questions - where they explain to the future possible user everything they can do with their iPhone and how easy everything is. Previously they were offering something similar, focusing mainly on the app to migrate all your data and information from your Android phone to the iPhone, but now they have wanted to give a facelift to make it look much more attractive.

How is the web?

Apple web Android
An image tells you everything
The format is very Apple . Great minimalist images - which also come to life - from the headboard where it has a slogan that tells you the most important, and then describe it clearly in a small paragraph.
The sections available on this website are as follows:
  • Move to iOS . In this section mention the application that is used to migrate all your data to the new iPhone from your Android phone. It is basically what they said in the previous version of the web, but more visual.
  • Is the camera as good as they say? Apple knows perfectly that the camera of your iPhone 7 Plus is a wonder and that is its main attraction right now, so they highlight it with an animation that will surely catch your eye.
  • Why is the iPhone so fast? In this section they talk about the speed and efficiency of their chips, talking about them as the fastest of all smartphones.
  • Will the iPhone be easy to use?  They emphasize that with a single finger you can handle your iPhone without problem, open application, pay with Apple Pay or personalize your iPhone.
  • How does the iPhone help me protect my personal information?  Apple stresses how important the security of its users is to them
  • What makes iMessage so cool? Not only you can send messages as such, but also share where you are, book in a restaurant, ask for a taxi and use their animations.
  • Apple Support Application . The direct deal with a person through the applied support is great, and it's a very point to keep in mind if you have any problems or doubts with your phone.
Apart from this they also mention the importance that the environment has for them, and finally they leave a direct link so that you can buy your new iPhone, not without mentioning that they can offer you money if you take your old phone, an initiative that the Truth can attract new customers, although the monetary valuation they usually calculate is really low compared to sales in the second-hand market.
And after that,  who can resist? Were you one of those who switched from Android to the operating system of apple bite? Tell us your experience in the comments.

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