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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Apple laughs at Android in its latest ad

Apple has begun a new advertising campaign oriented on its flagship product, the iPhone, and its potential customers: Android users . And is that in Cupertino already know that the test repeats and once you go to iOS, it is easier to change football team than smartphone . But in Android there is a huge niche market, a lot of people who live with their backs to reality, a reality where the iPhone is the smartphone with better performance, better camera, more privacy, better design and much more ...
And there are so many things on the iPhone better than any Android phone that with an ad is not enough , so in Apple have created up to 5 shorts that compare the experience of using an iPhone regarding speed, music, Photos, etc. In front of a sad Android. As you can imagine, the difference is abysmal .
In addition, he has also modified the section of his web in which we will see these ads and also a basic tutorial to migrate from Android to iOS with our brand new Android without any problem. Because life on iPhone is simply wonderful.

Will it be easy to switch to iPhone?

Apple vs. Android
Of course, yes, from minute one. This is exactly what the new section of your website says. Because there is no need to save anything before migrating to Android. Simply download the Move app from Google Play, the Android apps platform and it will be responsible for passing your content: photos, videos, contacts, calendars, email accounts, messages, free apps ... Forget your smartphone that goes to locks And barracks and live an experience at the speed of light .
Until recently many Android users alluded to the huge price of iPhone but lately we have already seen how everything has been equated and we can now find iPhone cheaper than some Android .
Here we show you the funny videos, you can see them and comment them with us. You will agree that they are right. The first of all, relative to music:
One of the keys to users, privacy:
In the third one is focused on speed:
Jumping to iPhone will not be a trauma:
Enjoy your photos and forget the mess:

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