Monday, May 29, 2017

Apple publishes three new videos explaining the advantages of moving from Android to iOS

Following the line of videos that Apple is publishing explaining why iOS gardens are greener than Android , today the company has added three more videos to this series. The first is called Smooth , and refers to the sometimes habitual jumps and loss of frames that makes the Android interface on many smartphones, especially those that are not the latest model. It is important to note that in no case does it mention Android or any of its manufacturers, but it is taken for granted that this is the platform to which they point with these videos.
The second, Contacts . This time, the video focuses on how easy it is to migrate contacts from your calendar from an Android to an iPhone.
El tercero, Security. Este último vídeo de hoy nos cuenta lo supuestamente mejor protegido que está el iPhone gracias a las medidas de seguridad de iOS, a juicio de Apple, superiores a las de Android.
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