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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Apple steps up the "right to repair" in New York

Apple sales are being a roller coaster lately , they are at the top or their sales figures are down the floors. They continue to rise on the iPhone, which is a solid and fundamental pillar in sales and revenue Apple , but in other sections , such as iPods, are worse than on their knees.
With this in mind, it is normal and reasonable for Apple to try to save money on some side. As we saw a long time ago, the right to repair consisted of the following: Apple can sell spare parts or products to any distributor in the world or to the final customer, contrary to its previous procedure, which was based on providing such supply to only a few distributors Authorized.
The Cupertino company has launched to carry out the "right to repair" becomes a law and if such law is not met, it is possible to take legal action against Apple . All this was decided by February.
Some documents were recently leaked that could put Apple in a very uncomfortable place , these files are from New York state and have confirmed with total certainty that Apple is fighting legally from the hand of other companies in this city with a joint expenses of 366,634 Dollars (325 euros). This process would be carried out in order to stop the law mentioned above .

A monthly fortune in lawyers

Apple Money
Our dear apple bite company, is spending a whopping 9,000 euros in lawyers monthly , just to try that law does not see the light. Apple's lawyers conveyed a very simple message: by enforcing this law, Apple's financial integrity runs a serious risk of collapse. The components can give very serious failures, such as exploding a battery or ID Touch sensors to operate in a way that they should not . For this kind of thing, Apple does not want to have any ties or responsibility because of third parties .
With this in mind, it is not expected that the right to repair will continue , because Apple has already slowed it for years, since there have appeared proposals of independent repairers. This is not yet a victory, as Infinite Loop is going to have to continue spending a lot of money to accomplish all this successfully.
Apple will remain at the forefront of the electronic world, regardless of whether the Right to Repair Act or Digital Rightto Repair Coalition , as it is known there, comes to light. They have a thousand ways to get afloat, even Microsoft helped them on an occasion of dimensions similar to what we could see Apple.

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