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Friday, May 26, 2017

Apple updates AirPods firmware

E a new AirPods firmware upgrade to solve some connectivity problems and improve their performance.
Apple launched a new headphones last September, predicting that the future is wireless. The new AirPods, in addition to a very careful and precise design, was connected via Bluetooth better than any other product of the competition.

New update for AirPods

Apple released a new update for its AirPods last Wednesday. This new version of the firmware would probably come to correct some errors and to improve the performance of these Apple wireless headsets.
Apple continues to work on improving the quality with which you listen to your music.
Accustomed to other Apple devices, which will be notified and require confirmation to upgrade, the updates are automatically reaching the AirPods , ie, will be installed directly when AirPods are connected to your iPhone without notice anything.
Therefore, if you own an AirPods it is very likely that you have already installed this new firmware update and you have not noticed.
If you want to check that your AirPods have been updated correctly, we tell you the steps to follow to see the firmware version of your AirPods.
  1. Have AirPods linked to your iPhone and with the flip open.
  2. Go to Settings> General> Information> AirPods. Here comes the firmware version of your AirPods.
Once inside we will check the firmware version, which if already updated we should see version 3.7.2 , as shown in the following image.
New update for AirPods
New update for AirPods.
If your AirPods have not yet been updated, you can follow these steps to install the new firmware .
  1. The first thing to do is to place both earphones inside your carrying case .
  2. Secondly, we close the case and connect it to a charger or a USB port.
  3. Finally, we must make sure that our iPhone, to which we have linked, is connected to a Wi-Fi network so that the firmware is downloaded and can be installed correctly.
Do not forget that our iPhone should be close to the AirPods . The update will take several minutes to complete and during this upgrade process you will not be able to make use of them  or remove them from the case.
When Apple launched this new product, expectations were very high and demand for them increased day by day, even depleting its stock. Today, despite its high price, although similar to that of wireless headsets from other companies, demand continues to grow.

Even so, the opinions on its operation are several. Among them, we invite you to read some of our articles in which we think about them. Are they the best complement for your iPhone? Big success or failure for Apple?

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