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Friday, May 26, 2017

Apple would still be working on virtual keyboards for the MacBook

From Patently Apple come rumors by Apple which reveal the continuation in the investigation and creation of virtual keyboards in the range of laptops MacBook.

New patent pending for Apple MacBook

For quite some time, more specifically since 2009, it has been rumored that Apple was involved in researching and creating virtual keyboards for their notebooks. We thought that they had discarded that idea, but the departure in the light of a patent reveals the opposite.
Virtual keyboards began to be seen when it was created on iPhone back in 2007, and the last time we saw it implemented on a laptop has been with the output of the MacBook Pro in the form of Touch Bar . Patently Apple shows us what the idea would be with Lenovo's portable Yoga Book, a concept that ranges from tablet to tablet to Netbook.
Lenovo Yoga Book
This is the Lenovo Yoga Book, is that what Apple is thinking about?
The truth is that the idea is not too practical for all those who use our MacBook to write or even to program, since the touch would not be the same, really. It may even be uncomfortable to use in various situations, and I doubt it was written more quickly.

Apple looking for alternatives

It has also been seen that the bite apple company has shown interest in dynamic mechanical keyboards, including electronic ink as already seen in this article . It would be something like adapting your keyboard to your needs , since electronic ink has the peculiarity of being cheaper than the panels with LEDs at the time of manufacture, and quite more versatile because of the ease with which the ink is erased.
From Patently Apple suggest this:
The secret of this invention is that it also curiously covers tablets [...] Technically it could be some kind of hybrid device [...] Last February, an Apple patent application covered an elegant iPad Pro cover that supported a new virtual keyboard. So it is clear that Apple is coming to this project from many angles.
Since the company introduced the Touch Bar in its latest MacBook Pro gives us reason to think that they have not left this technology aside and that we are just looking at the tip of the iceberg of what could become if you continue your course of research.
We want to know your opinion. Do you stick with conventional keyboards or do you prefer that your MacBook be fully configurable through electronic ink or another type of system?

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