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Saturday, May 27, 2017

Best distributions of Linux if you are a Mac user

Linux is one of the most commonly used operating systems. This is found in many devices, such as televisions and mobile (Android), in addition to being on most servers. But what Linux distribution is best if you come from a Mac or use it at the same time?

1. Elementary OS

We have already talked about this operating system before. This is an operating system with the Linux kernel based on Ubuntu . Therefore, it is an operating system in which you feel quite as if you have previously used Ubuntu or Debian (on which Ubuntu is based).
Elementary OS is an elegant and fast operating system, as well as free, obviously. But certainly what stands out most is because of its huge resemblance to macOS. That is why it is with the first one we started, because it is the closest to macOS, although it reminds us more of OS X Mavericks or earlier .
In addition, it has a specific application store for that operating system. But it also has other native applications of music, photos, mail and calendar, which are reminiscent of Apple's originals.
Photo App, Music and Preferences in Elementary OS, in the style of OS X.
Photo App, Music and Preferences in Elementary OS, in the style of OS X. Do not rely on iPhoto, iTunes and System Preferences?

2. Any distribution with GNOME 3

In this second place we do not have a distribution in itself, but in fact here would be any distribution with the desktop GNOME 3 .
GNOME is possibly one of the most popular Linux desktops . Its design shows that it is inspired by macOS. Like the operating system of Macs, it also has a Dock , although by default it is on the left. It also has something similar to the MacOS Launchpad and Mission Control Although unlike Apple's operating system, this desktop is quite customizable thanks to the themes and the facility to install add-ons using the browser.
But it has a point that it bothers me enough, and is that the close and minimize buttons are on the right, not the left. Although that I suppose that will have to do with tastes, but if you alternate much between a Mac computer and one with GNOME 3, it will take you getting used to.
And in what distributions can we have this desk? I personally use Fedora as my favorite Linux distribution, which uses GNOME, but it's not the only one. Apart from Fedora, distributions like Debian, ArchLinux, OpenSUSE, Ubuntu GNOME or Gentoo also come with this desktop, or it is one of the options when it is installed.
Fedora, currently my favorite Linux distribution.
Fedora, currently my favorite Linux distribution.

3. Ubuntu

With the inclusion of Unity , a desktop created by Canonical, Ubuntu now also looks in a sense to macOS. Without going any further we have, when you put a window in full screen you will see that you have at the top the typical buttons of "File", "Edit", ..., own of macOS.
Even so, for some time I stopped using this distribution for personal use, as it seems to me that it comes with too many unnecessary add-ons. Although it may be my hobby because it is the operating system found on my university computers and maybe I got bored using it ...
Ubuntu Desktop (Source: Canonical )


With what distribution do I stay? Well, I'd tell you to try. In this article we focus on distributions similar to macOS, so that passing from one to another does not imply a big change, but there are many Linux distributions. And that is the magic of Linux, you have a variety of distributions to choose from, and that is why I invite you to try several and then stay with the one you like.
And you? Do you usually use Linux? Do you use Linux as your primary operating system or additionally with another computer, virtual machine or dual-boot ? What is your favorite distribution? Which one do you usually use?

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