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Thursday, May 25, 2017

Come back to your childhood with Crazy Taxi, now free!

Sega, the Japanese video game development giant, is in the midst of a "reboot" process . The company has begun to rethink its operation to such an extent that within a few months we could be facing a Sega completely different from everything we have been seeing in recent years. And that could be really good, considering that for them the thing began to twist the moment they began to neglect their franchises.
Now, they are no longer one of the main players in the industry, since their position has been taken by others, but they hope they can regain their rightful place. One of the methods that will help them do so, will be nostalgia. And in this topic, Crazy Taxi is one of those games that takes the palm. That is why, after bringing it to mobile platforms a few years ago, it is now free for everyone to enjoy.

Now you can use your Bluetooth controls to play

Crazy Taxi
The version of Crazy Taxi that Sega offers us is basically an exact copy of the game that we could enjoy in the recreation rooms. In this case, some options are added such as support for Bluetooth controls , and obviously for touch screens. Apart from that, we will have the same experience that entertained us for hours and hours with its fun mechanics that allow us to unleash our madness behind the wheel of the taxi we choose.
So far, the game was available for a price of 4.99 euros, but as part of that movement dedicated to bring back the masses the brand of Sega, the game has been converted to a model based on advertising . But do not worry, you will not have ads appearing on the screen in the middle of a game.

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