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Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Discover the Safer iPhone App

It is a fact that we are increasingly concerned about safety . If you are a person who cares about this aspect you should know that there are many instant messaging applications that presume to be the safest in the world. One of them is Signal Private Messenger.
Its creators define it as "the security that fits in your pocket". It is even used by former CIA analyst Edward Snowden. Apparently, it is the best option if we want our privacy to be kept safe.

How does this app work?

According to explains BBC Mundo is a free service and is available for both Android devices as for iOS and other operating systems, for example, through its extension for Google Chrome.
Security and passwords, photo edited with Mextures
To register only one phone number is required and you do not need a username or email account. The use of the app is similar to other messaging tools: it allows the creation of groups, the use of emojis and works with chat windows.
However, the highlight of this app is end-to-end encryption, something that sounds to us because WhatsApp announced that it had been deployed in one of its latest updates. But the difference is that "it not only protects the conversations against a hacker", but also of the service itself . This ensures that only ourselves and the recipient can read the message.
We can not listen to your conversations or see your messages, and no one else can. Everything in Signal has end-to-end encryption, "they explain in the company's blog.
In addition, the application allows it to be configured so no one can perform any screen capture . You can also set a password for conversations that are more confidential. The last update has been the messages that "disappear", as if it were a kind of Snapchat. Its only fault is that it is not available for use on tablets.

Who is behind Signal Private Messenger?

The application was created by an independent group of software developers called "Open Whisper Systems" whose founder is a hacker, Moxie Marlinspike. The now Silicon Valley entrepreneur is considered a "cyberpunk" and does not fit into the usual profile of entrepreneurs to use.

Who recommends it?

But it is not only Edward Snowden who recommends the application, but Laura Poitras, famous for revealing the secrets of Snowden, also defends the use of Signal and defines it, according to the website, as "the best encryption tool, I recommend that Is used every day . Many experts in the world, such as international security technician Bruce Scheiner, defend their use: " I am impressed with the care put into the safety and ease of use of the application. It's my first choice for a private conversation . "

The problem

Nobody practically uses the application. If I have almost 300 contacts in WhastApp, only 1 uses Signal. The greens took their place when arriving first in the applications of messenger and already it is known, who hits first hits twice. However, if for any reason you are concerned about the security of your conversations, this is your tool.
Signal - Private Messenger

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