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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Discover the utility of the new feature "Archive" in Instagram

Instagram does not stop when it comes to improving the experience of users and fans of this social network and this week has come with a novelty; Instagram is developing a function called "file" that allows us to hide any of our publications from all others, but keeps them safe so that we see them in private and restore visibility, if we change our minds.
According to spokespersons of the company, the option will be available progressively with new updates, since it is expected to be improved.

Instagram will allow you to hide images and videos

To use the file option, you only have to touch the three-point button in the top right of our posts and archive it. To access all the files we must locate the new symbol located in the upper right corner of our profile, a clock icon surrounded , once there it is possible to view them or reset them for our followers.
Now, instagramers who want to hide a post that does not work well, or hide it for any other reason, will have the possibility to do with this new feature, without being forced to remove it definitively as has been done so far.
Archive photos and videos on Instagram
The file is very similar to the section Memories of Snapchat, where you can save in private the photos and videos that are captured. However, both memories and archives show that both Snapchat and Instagram are trying to steer a fine line in the game of publication temporality.

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