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Monday, May 29, 2017

Do you carry the iPhone without a cover?

You acquire your new whim, possibly after a few months of savings, and many normally have a shell and a tempered glass protector to keep it clean. It is normal, nobody is happy to have it with blows, marks or with cracked glass . You take it out of the box and with the care of a surgeon, you remove the plastic sheet, you pass a cloth and you put the cover and protector. To enjoy it for as long as you can (or the hype leaves you).
Most users, almost 90 percent, have their iPhone protected . Whether with a leather or plastic case from a Chinese bazaar, we know that the covers provide us with extra protection, as well as giving a more personal touch to our tastes. We find people with cases that contain motifs about their football team, their favorite drawings or their rock band. And also the daring that what they want is to enjoy a design, a special touch, a color, etc.
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Always the ghost of the fall is present . As careful as we are, sometimes inexplicably, the phone trickles through our fingers and the inevitable happens. That mark, even if it is invaluable to others, you know that it is there. Every time you take the iPhone your eyes will inevitably go there and you'll regret having been "so brave".
For a good season I have taken it without her. The sensation, of first, is of strangeness and of caution. The constant fear of the blow was dependent on the almost unique sensation of having something "round" in design. The iPhone, any of them, is a pretty device. Behind those designs is a team that works hard for quite a while, trying to hit, innovate, ultimately, be the sensation. I do not consider wearing it bare as a temerity, although you have to keep in mind that when you fall, you will, its consequences will be negative when reselling it.
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Are you going to take me like that?

It is an experience that I recommend , since aside from the fact of being able to enjoy an incredible design, it seems that automatically you become more careful, your hands hold it with more desire and little by little you lose the fear. You gain confidence and you know that nothing is going to happen. Well, if you pass and fall, you are aware that you have taken risks. Try to see that there is life beyond the covers.

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