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Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Do you know how to share mobile data from the iPhone?

Do you want to share the Internet from your mobile device so that other devices can connect to the network? It's simple, but many users do not use it when they can really get out of trouble. Imagine the situation, you are at home working with your laptop and because of a storm is going light. You stay isolated from the world (without internet) and you need the net to keep working. It is time to make use of this very useful option. To do this, simply follow the path Settings> Mobile data and select the Internet share option .
Your iPhone will automatically use your mobile data connection for other devices to connect either Wi-Fi or USB over the cable. Each iPhone generates its own Wi-Fi password, which is usually a devilish combination of numbers and letters, but you can easily change it for a more comfortable password.
Remember the situation described above, portable without internet by power outage, you can activate the option of Internet sharing so you will only find the network that is generating your smartphone (Pepito iPhone, for example), enter the key in the Laptop and you already have it. You must keep in mind some important considerations.
  1. Remember that this option is wonderful, but it is done at the expense of using the mobile data provided by your operator. We know that every time the rates have more data for less money, but in Spain they are still expensive. So do not use this system for operations that consume a lot of data in a short time like watching videos, for example .
  2. If your rate includes 4G, you will see that many times the connection speed made by this system is very fast , maybe more than with a standard Wi-Fi. This brings us to the previous point, good speed usually leads to a loss of the notion of time (distracting sailing) and depletes the data rate in a few hours, even minutes.
  3. It is very useful in emergency situations as described in the example, remember. Not for leisure time, just for specific things.
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Final Considerations

Important! When you no longer need this option, do not forget to disable the option of "share Internet". You do not want anyone else to continue to spend your data, right? Also, the battery consumption when you share the Internet is high.
Change the password from time to time. As with all Internet services, it is important to change passwords on a regular basis. If you are going to share your connection frequently, with even more reason.

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