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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Download these apps for free for a limited time!

We want you to have the best apps from the App Store , but we know that is not always easy or cheap, so when we see an opportunity like this we run to get the word out so that you arrive on time and download it because the more, the better.
Remember that these apps are free for a limited time , which means that they work right now but the promotion can run out in a few hours, so if you can not download them right now because for example you are at work, start downloading with your data and stop it , So when you can do it it will not matter if they are paid again.


Free apps
If you have an iPhone and an Apple Watch, Juice may interest you . This complication will allow you to know from your iWatch the battery status of the phone in a graphical, intuitive and choosing the design that you like. In addition, you can receive notifications when your battery is low or has just been charged.

Direction Compass

This targeting app is going to become a must for those who guide us regulary . Yes, I know you have several apps with maps and nagevaci√≥n, but none like Direction Compass to guide you in directions and know if it is up or down a street thanks to notifications and notices as reference buildings. It will be very easy to get to your destination.

Phoenix Photo Editor

Phoenix is ​​a powerful and fast photo editor full of useful tools to edit, import and share. Let's confess: we never have enough publishers , and more if they are as full of filters, effects, fonts and borders as Phoenix.


Imagine it: you have to buy a gift among all but you have had to advance the money to you, or you have had a dinner and you have been the fastest in getting the card. With Willio it is very easy: simply create the event, invite your friends and divide the bill without complications .

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