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Sunday, May 28, 2017

Fake myths about Apple

The Californian company Apple has always said phrases, many of them similar, but always with a clear message: " The moment you use a product of our company, you will completely forget the rest ." One of the best tricks of this brand has always been its slogans and this could not be less.

Apple is always the first in everything

Keynote WWDC 2012
Many users of the gadgets of this company, affirm that Apple was pioneer in bringing to the market a graphical interface, which is rotundly false. This belief is not because the Cupertino were the first in this, but have been able to take advantage and take the best possible moment to announce it.
There are also people who believe that Apple invented the tablets, with the output of his revolutionary iPad, this is another huge myth and false in this case. The tablets in particular , have their birth in the 60's with the launch of the DynaBook , created by Alan Kay. Microsoft also benefited from these patents, launching a range of tablets at the beginning of the century that we are, without much success.

Apple invented the applications

To send messages without internet with WhatsApp
Another lie as a temple, but due to the abbreviation of app, it is believed that it was the apple company who invented them. In part they are right, as it was the iPhone 2G, launched 10 years ago by the father and founder of Apple, Steve Jobs , who popularized the use of these and the applications themselves.
But this, like the previous myth, is false, since a company called Palm, at the beginning of the century, in the year 2002 to be exact, began to develop and take to the market the first smartphones of the time. This was not the only one, but the best known, thanks to terminals like the new TreoSmartphone, this was the pioneer in implementing the wireless connection, access to our email and so on.

Apple products can not be infected

MacBook concept without keyboard
This is another rumor that has circulated over many years on the internet, but as the title says, it is false. The great security brand Sophos, published in his blog something very interesting: malware has been circulating on Mac for almost three decades . It is also true that if we look at Microsoft, this would be one of the few aspects that win against Apple, have more chances of being infected.
Our dear company of Cupertino has many myths and urban legends that will pursue it forever, but we must also say that more than baseless claims, like all previous ones, its list of revolutionary successes and launches is much longer than this.

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