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Tuesday, May 30, 2017

How to block phone numbers on iPhone

Although there is nothing like a good face-to-face conversation, the reality is that smartphones have made our lives much easier when it comes to maintaining relationships of all kinds . Whether it's messaging apps, video calls, or lifelong calls, it's not too hard to keep up with the lives of our loved ones.
But sometimes things happen and we end up getting calls from people we do not want for whatever reason and that we try to avoid at all costs . Fortunately, we do not have to go through that bad drink because iPhone has integrated the possibility of blocking those unwanted calls or if you prefer, do with other apps that allow you to further customize this option.

How to block phone numbers on iPhone

 With iOS factory option

The guys at Apple have already thought that these unpleasant moments can occur, so there is a factory option to block certain phone numbers so that even if they try to call us, that call will never reach its destination.
Blocking phone numbers on iPhone with iOS software will have to proceed as follows: Go to Settings and scroll to find the Phone menu There you will find Blocking and Caller ID . Click on block contact and you will access your contacts directory where you will have to select the number from which you do not want to receive calls.
As you can see, this method has a lesser evil: it is necessary that that number is in your agenda to be able to block it . Fortunately in the App Store we can find a series of free apps with which we can manage the procedure to block calls more accurately and conveniently.

Apps to block phone numbers

So if you do not like the default iOS option or you find it uncomfortable to have to put a number in Contacts and then block it, then we show you the best iPhone apps to block phone calls.

Mr. Number

Block calls 1
Mr. Number is a free, ad-free application that allows you to block unwanted calls and messages on your mobile phone. It also has a remote search function that allows you to find information about an unknown number , although this function has a cost once the free search bonus is used. That is, we can detect annoying spam calls thanks to its updated database.
Once downloaded, we select our country with the corresponding code (+34 in Spain) and write our telephone number.
To start blocking contacts, press the ban symbol in the upper right of the screen to access the list of locks.
The list of locks contains three tabs: Hang up, Voicemail and Exceptions . When a contact that appears on the "Hang Up" tab tries to call us, our phone automatically hangs up the call. The numbers that appear in "Voicemail" will be redirected to our voice mailbox. The "Exceptions" tab shows the contacts that will not be blocked or redirected. So, here is where we should include the numbers of our acquaintances.
We can also block contacts directly from the main application screen . In "Recent", where we see the history of incoming calls, press the "Menu" button next to each log entry and then select "Block Number". A pop-up window will appear asking if we want to block the contact or redirect all your calls to our voice mailbox.

Call Blocker

Block calls 2
Another app to block calls is Call Blocker , which is also free. If we subscribe to the paid version and without ads we will enjoy premium features, such as the private space option that securely stores private messages and call logs.
Once downloaded and installed from the App Store, in the main menu of the application, press the option "Blocked" and click on the "Add" button.
The "Black List" and "White List" tabs appear on the screen. Click on "Add Number" to add a contact. The good thing is that we can add a number from our contacts, the call log or SMS, or we can write the number directly . The contacts in the "Black List" will be blocked, while the contacts in the "White List" will not be blocked.

Calls Blacklist

Lock iPhone numbers
We finished our selection with Calls Blacklist , another free app and very easy to use. In this case, the only difference between the free version and the payment version is the number of ads.
If you want to block calls with Calls Blacklist, simply open the application and add a contact number to the "Black List" tab. As in the previous one, the registers of calls or messages can be incorporated of our contacts, or to do it by hand .
As you see, in a very simple and effective way we can not only block phone calls on iPhone from our contacts but also avoid telephone spam or avoid suspicious numbers of scams.

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