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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

IKEA announces that it will make its light bulbs compatible with Apple's HomeKit system this summer

Good news for HomeKit lovers: IKEA will make its bulbs compatible with Apple's home automation system. Without doubt a cheaper alternative to make our homes smarter.

HomeKit and the prices of its accessories

Previously we have already proposed some alternatives to start you in the world of HomeKit, but everything leads to the same when we talk about the prices: they are too high in practically all the accessories that exist.
In the case of lighting prices soar, since a simple bulb already exceeds prices ranging from € 30 - in which some adjustments have to be made - to over 70. This is the case of Philips HUE bulbs. In the case of IKEA launched semi-domotic bulbs , and I say almost because they only work - for now - with an app of the company , which allows you to do some things with the bulbs, such as turning them on and getting them programmed. The only negative point is that they are only available in white, but we are confident that soon they will get them out of colors.

IKEA TRÅDFRI bulbs will save our lives (or the pocket)

These bulbs of which I speak are really economical although at the moment they are only available in white light, but they are really worth it.
The good news comes when the Swedish company has announced that this summer we can use their light bulbs with Amazon Eco - which we already knew - Google Home ... and with Siri !, that is, making them compatible with HomeKit without having to rely on Your native app, so to speak. I suppose you can imagine how comfortable it must be to get home and tell Siri to turn on the lights, right?
These bulbs currently start at € 10, but not everything is going to be so easy. The contra is that we must spend € 80 in the initial pack in which comes everything necessary to make them work with Siri, as they require a gateway to make them work. The Pack includes two bulbs, the gangway and a remote control.  Anyway, this same catwalk can handle control of up to 10 light bulbs, so in the long run it is not that expensive considering the price of the competition.
Without a doubt, this is great news that we will benefit from, not only because of the comfort it entails, but also because of the price, because we can dome our lights for a much lower price.

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