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Monday, May 29, 2017

Increase your feats with the camera of your iPhone

As many of you know, there are a lot of tripods or brackets for our iPhone terminals , many of these are exclusive to Apple. Today we introduce you to GorillaCam, a somewhat peculiar tool for taking pictures with her.
This particular tripod is unique and unique, because as we can see in the image, it has a structure that lets us adjust it as we want and allows it to adapt to any type of surface in which we want to put it.
The brand that has made this support is called Joby , this in particular is worth more than just taking photos, it is also a great acquisition to make videos in ways that we could not even imagine.
This developer, Joby, even has its own application in the App Store , which when combined with the tripod, puts at our disposal endless possibilities and features that no other product in this sector offers.

GorillaCam, incomplete without its application

When opening the application, the first thing that gets into our eyes is the well designed and the enthusiasm with which they have done it. Inside we can see a menu with a full list of options and functions , which allows us to configure and adjust comfortably and simply our camera to get more out of this tripod.
This tool gives us three ways to take the photo. Automatic timer , when there is not the typical friend who makes the photos or when you are alone, an intervalometer to take pictures in a fast camera or "Time-lapse" , which gives us the opportunity to make a number of photos that We choose and at the time we want and lastly, in burst mode of three , this will make three photos per second after pressing the trigger button.
It also includes a bubble leveler , to see if the photo is right and in place. This application also provides us with a grid filter , which will help us in perfecting our photos. There is one more option, this would allow us to make a photo by pressing any part of the screen of our iPhone and we would make the photos of more comfortable way.
Augmented reality for iphone camera
To be the product that is and taking into account that is perfect for many things, its price is quite reasonable, because round about 35 euros . Thanks to this simple yet complex object, the camera of our iPhone would be at a far higher level than the current one.
The set itself is very useful, but without the tripod, the application has little if not null utility , but when putting together both pieces of the puzzle we would have a very effective tool when making both photos and videos on our iPhone.

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