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Friday, May 26, 2017

IPhone sales in China fall 20%

The iPhone falls in sales by 20% in the Asian giant according to various media. Does Apple shiver? The iPhone 8 will solve it. Said fall

The iPhone in China

Not good times for Apple, and more after knowing the financial data on the fall sales of the iPad, which we told you earlier this month in this article . Apparently in China things do not go as expected and sales have fallen by 20% on the iPhone.
Business Insider corroborates this data published in Bernstein, where  they were based on two factors : total sales revenue in China and the company's statement of sales on Mac and services, coinciding with  Fading 'Reality Distortion Field' , Published in Oppenheimer. For Apple, China is the second country in terms of higher market share of sales.
It is said that this big drop in sales has to do mainly to the iPhone market, because Apple's handset units has continued to decline over the last five quarters . Five years ago, that 20% was positive, because thanks to Mac sales traced back to the Chinese market.
Oppenheimer's report indirectly blames Tim Cook, because in China Steve Jobs was a revolutionary who always gave engineers things they thought could not be realized.

Will the iPhone 8 revive sales in China?

IPhone 8
Will the next iPhone bring the expected sales?
All media believe that the launch of the Apple iPhone 8 will boom and increase sales, but the medium we speak does not think the same way the rest and so justify:
We recently conducted a series of business meetings in China and Taiwan that focused on the smart phone supply chain. There was a general consensus among our conversations that confirms our thesis that the decline of Apple's market share in Greater China is due to the lack of a marked differentiation between hardware and software. The mobile user experience in China is strongly dictated by Tencent and other local Internet companies, making Apple software and services ineffective as key differentiating factors. That being said, we believe there is pent-up demand for the iPhone 8, which is widely reported to make some major design changes. We expect a temporary rebound in the part.
China has big competitors as far as mobile manufacturers are concerned, and unfortunately this fact means that fewer apple phones are sold because the performance is not what the Chinese users want. WeChat is their favorite messaging app, and the drain on Apple's batteries means that users are not happy with their performance and move to the competition.
Let's hope that this next iPhone meets the expectations of the Chinese and the market share there grows again, since, as I said before, China is one of the strong countries in terms of sales for Apple.

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