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Thursday, May 25, 2017

Is it still worth the iPhone 7?

The rumors of the next terminal of those of Cupertino only happen. However, they should not make us forget that we are still a few months away from discovering its novelties . That is why at this point of the year, most buyers are considering whether it is still worth the iPhone 7, or if it is better to wait for the new that we can bring the Apple kids, whether in the form of iPhone 7s or IPhone 8, X, or whatever we want to call it. Will it be worth buying the iPhone 7 after eight months?

Why not buy the iPhone 7 at this point

Let's face it, we are less than two newscasts from the next iPhone . Can not you really hang on to the terminal you're carrying right now? Everything is said, if you need a mobile immediately, an iPhone 7 is your best option, do not hesitate, although if we can wait, surely we will get more account, and is that, why spend between 600 and 700 Euros if the iPhone 8 will seduce us and we will spend even more?
Render iphone 8
It all comes down to that, the absurd spending of money that involves buying a terminal of the highest range seeing that its successor, definitely better, will leave in a few months. Yes that can be a good option in brands such as LG or Samsung - whose flagships devalue at a speed of vertigo - but with the pricing policy of the Cupertino is something unsustainable.

Why buy the iPhone 7 yet

The iPhone 7 is one of the best mobiles of 2016 , and we have no doubt about it. More than possibly enough for most users, so if you settle for a top of the line like this, and you do not intend to spend the amount that will cost your successor, this is one of the best times to get one, Since the passage of the months has been lowering its price - although not too, everything is said -, reason why would be a good incentive to buy the iPhone still today.
IPhone 8 Feature Area
To this it is added that the iPhone 7 is still a good purchase , not only in price, but also in features, and is that it can still compete from you to you with other top of the range such as the S8 itself . There is not much more to talk about, if a terminal can leave a comparison of this year's flagships , for many frames it has a more than a successful purchase, even more if you're going to save money not buying an iPhone 8 .

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