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Monday, May 29, 2017

Jonathan Ive will be in Spain to give a talk in the forum of the Norman Foster Foundation

Jonathan Ive, chief designer of all Apple products, will be here, in Spain. The designer arrives in Madrid to give a lecture at the forum of the Norman Foster Foundation . There are already many users who have been excited about going to see this icon of the Apple world, for their high responsibility within the company, but it seems that only some lucky people will be able to attend this conference.

Jonathan Ive will be in Madrid next June 1

All the followers of Apple went mad to know that this important manager of the company was going to be in Madrid next June 1, although he has not lacked the comical touch of some user, in going to reproach the continued style of the design in the different iPhone .
Jonathan Ive
Jonathan Ive, Chief Designer of Apple
Jonathan Ive will be in the Spanish capital to participate in the opening ceremony of the new headquarters of Normal Foster Foundation in Madrid. But, many people will be asking, if there is any relationship between this foundation and the Apple ecosystem, and the answer is yes.
Norman Foster has actively participated in the design of Apple Park with Steve Jobs, which is why there is a very close relationship between both companies, and it is logical that there is representation of Apple in the events of this. Although unfortunately, not everyone will be able to attend the presentation of Jonathan Ive, since the tickets are sold out.
This forum that has the title of "Future is Now" will bring together the highest personalities in the world of architecture, to discuss the architectural future of the different cities. This forum will also be attended by various political figures such as the mayor of Madrid, Manuela Carmena or the former Mayor of New York, Michael Bloomberg.
In short, we will see Jonathan Ive on June 1 at the Teatro Real in Madrid, where in addition to this conference, will also conduct an interview for the Financial Times. Leave us in the box of comments everything you think about this talk of Jonathan Ive in the comment box.
If, in addition, you want a view of the work that Jonathan Ive is doing, I invite you to watch this video of Fernando Del Moral that is fantastic.

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