Thursday, May 25, 2017

Magikarp Jump, the next Pokémon game, now available on the App Store

The Pokémon Company had not posted a game for a long time Today, his latest free game (although with integrated payments) has been published in the App Store. It's called Magikarp Jump . Magikarp is one of the Pokémon that are most close to places where there is water, since it is obviously a fish, very common since it first appeared in Pokémon Red and Blue for GameBoy in 1996.
If you're confused by having read that The Pokémon Company has not posted a game for a long time, it's probably because you confuse this developer with Niantic, the developers of Pokémon Go. Niantic collaborates with The Pokemon Company to develop Pokémon Go, but it is not a game of the seconds, but of the first. The second, are a Japanese company created by Nintendo , Game Greak and Creatures , and are dedicated mainly to license the franchise of Pokémon. In addition, in cases like today, they publish a game based on one of the famous monsters , the Magikarp, known as Koikingu in Japan. It is the weakest Pokémon of the saga.
The game, as you could imagine, is to breed several generations of Magikarp, different colors and types. Each generation will grow faster ... and some other Pokémon will come to visit you. That is all…A kind of tamagotchi but with a Pokémon Magikarp.
Magikarp Jump
If you want to try it on your iPhone or iPad, you can do it by clicking here . The download of the game is free but as we mentioned before, it has integrated payments that although they are not essential to play, will get those generations of Magikarp grow faster. We leave you with a video where you can see what the game is like before downloading it.
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