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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Microsoft redesigns OneNote for iOS and macOS

When we talk about office automation , clearly Microsoft is the leader . From Microsoft Office to OneNote , it has always stood out as a reference and inspiration for the competition.
A few days ago, Microsoft launched a redesign of OneNote trying to give it a fresher look and being more user friendly for the visually impaired.
OneNote on multiple devices
OneNote redesign available on iOS and Mac devices

OneNote, completely redesigned

The popular Microsoft note application , which earned a place among students and professionals, has received a major facelift in its version for iOS and Mac before reaching Android and Windows .
The redesign seeks to give a new image to the application, but in turn provides improvements for users who use some of the accessibility features . 
We have heard our users, said Microsoft, that is why this change allows to navigate more easily within the application.
OneNote redesign for Mac
A redesign of OneNote with focus on accessibility and productivity
Apple is strongly committed to accessibility  and it seems that Microsoft is following the same path. 
The redesign groups documents into 3 main columns , allowing easy access. With this new redesign the navigation within the application is improved, using accessibility  functions , also changed some site options for users to focus on their work.
This allows users to easily switch between their notes and greatly improves ease of use with technical aids. With the new consolidated and simplified design, screen readers can easily navigate through the application to help people with disabilities. In addition, content is in the center to help students focus and avoid distractions.
In addition to having a new design, OneNote users can use the application on different devices with a very simple transition between them, being able to start a document in one device and finish it in another .
While Microsoft is a benchmark in the world of office, the competition will not be easy. Google has gained many adherents to its office suite thanks to the use of the cloud. Apple also does its part , allowing access to your office applications from any PC with internet access and make collaborative documents between different devices.
Microsoft OneNote is now available for download on the Mac App Store and the App Store  for free.  In addition you can try the design innovations proposed by Microsoft before it reaches the rest of the platforms.

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