Monday, May 29, 2017

New 3D models filtered from the alleged iPhone 8 corroborate a front completely occupied by the screen

We've been seeing schemas and models of what is supposed to be the iPhone 8 for months. Today, new leaks show us 3D models that supposedly belong to this new model of iPhone and once again confirm the same rumors; A front completely occupied by the screen, without Home button, and leaving only a slight space at the top for the headset which also acts as speaker and front camera.
From behind, what appears to be a double chamber, but this time arranged vertically.
Supposed scheme of the iPhone 8
That circle seems to be simply the area reserved for the Apple logo, and below we do not see any fingerprint sensors so if this is confirmed, again, it would mean that Apple has managed to integrate Touch ID into the OLED display of the terminal. What most catches the eye of all this is that we are consistently seeing different 3D models come from different sources, and they all seem to match in the same design ... so indeed this could be the new iPhone that by now we all call iPhone 8. It's curious to see how many things have not yet been leaked from the other two models that Apple is supposed to bring to the market, and which we now call iPhone 7S and 7S Plus.
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