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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

New concept of iPhone 8 highlights the continuation design that will have

A new concept of iPhone 8 comes from the hand of AppleDsign with a video that shows the design and novelties that will have this new model.
We are in a period in which new concepts about the design of the new iPhone 8 or, as some media say, iPhone 7s. Recently they let themselves see some molds of this new model that, differ a little with this new video presented.
Molds iPhone 7s, iPhone 7s Plus and iPhone 8
Possible molds iPhone 7s, iPhone 7s Plus and iPhone 8 | Source: Leaks
We saw 3 molds of the back that they called 7s, 8 and 7s Plus. If we pay attention to the model of iPhone 8, we see how the camera is upright, an aspect that differs from the concept presented by AppleDsign that we will see below. The rest, attending only to the sizes, seems that if they would resemble.

How will the new iPhone 8 be?

The first image we see corresponds to the bottom of the device where the USB type C port would be located next to two speakers at its sides, just like the current model of iPhone 7 and 7 Plus.
New iPhone concept 8. AppleDsign font.
New iPhone concept 8. AppleDsign font.
The next concept we see is the rear camera , positioned horizontally and keeping much similar to the iPhone 7 Plus. Dual camera integrated into the back and outside housing, flash and noise reduction microphone. As we said before, it differs with the mold presented, as it placed it vertically.
Possible new iPhone 8 camera.
Possible new iPhone camera 8. AppleDsign font.
These new models of iPhone would come in 3 different sizes . The smallest of 4.7 ", an intermediate size of 5" and the largest size of 5.5 ".
Sizes of the possible new iphone 8.
Sizes of possible new iphone 8. Source: AppleDsign.
The last aspect about the exterior design that this new concept shows in the video refers to the screen. It shows a curved OLED screen that would cover the front of the terminal to the edges. The image shows the slight curvature that this new screen would have.
OLED curve display of the possible new iPhone 8.
OLED curve display of the possible new iPhone 8. Source: AppleDsign.
Once the device is turned on, it confirms that the screen will reach the edges but also shows how the Touch ID would be integrated into the same screen .
Touch ID built into the display.
Touch ID built into the display. Source: AppleDsign.
An image that leaves many doubts is on the bottom of the screen, once unlocked the device, although it reaches the edges, the space is reserved for the start button, ie it would not be used to include some novelty.
New iPhone 8 concept.
New concept of the iPhone 8. Source: AppleDsign.
Making use of the new curved screen, you can see how the buttons to adjust the volume would disappear giving way to the touch control for it.
Touch volume control.
Touch volume control. Source: AppleDsign.
Summing up this new concept on the iPhone 8 we see how it leaves some gaps on its design, as it differs from the other concepts presented and the molds cited. There is no doubt that we entered a period of continuous concepts of the design of the new iPhone.

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