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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

New iPhone 8 outline shows the Touch ID on the back

The rumors about the iPhone 8 continue , in this case it is the classic Touch ID and its possible location in the back .

Location of Touch ID on iPhone 8, rumors found

For a long time we have been talking about the Touch ID and its possible location . And is that Apple seems to have the "obligation" to optimize the size of your device by eliminating the excessive upper and lower margins. 
This results in the Touch ID being relocated , and here is where the rumors seem to contradict each other. 
During last month, and thanks to filtered schemes, the location of the Touch ID would go to the back of the iPhone, a rumor that was repeated weeks later according to a group of analysts. 
This weekend we had a series of aluminum molds, where you can see the external appearance of future models,

New schemes show the location of the Touch ID

Now, thanks to new schemes , we return to see a hole in the back of the future iPhone that could correspond to the location of the Touch ID .
New filtered iPhone 8 schemes with Touch ID on back
In the drawings we can see that the Touch ID would be located just below the bite apple , almost in the middle of the device. 
In this way the screen of the new iPhone could occupy virtually the entire front of the device, thus maintaining the dimensions of the device, which may reduce the final size of the device.
In the diagram we can see that the location and layout of the two rear chambers is repeated, something that has been a constant in practically all rumors known to date.

Multiple Theories Regarding iPhone 8

As we see, there are rumors that seem to contradict, locating in Touch ID in the back , while others assert that it would be located in the own  OLED screen . 
Regarding the latter theory, it may present a great difficulty for Apple. Feature that we have not seen so far and could be still in development, causing a delay in the launch of the device.
Others say the Touch ID could be located on the side power button , which has been shown to be larger in some aluminum molds.
Some theories affirm that that orifice would correspond to the sensor that allows the wireless charge of the iPhone .
As we see, at this moment of rumors and leaks everything can happen, and little of everything we see can be taken as an absolute certainty . For this we must wait a couple of these more and see that we have prepared Apple for its iPhone 10th anniversary .

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