Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Nokia and Apple enter into a collaboration agreement to end their lawsuits

We usually tell you about court clashes between Apple and many other companies in the world of technology. We always say that the legal team of Apple must be one of the busiest of the company, but today we have news that goes in the opposite direction; Apple and Nokia, who had been involved in a series of lawsuits over a disagreement with the payment of patents , have reached an agreement thanks to which they go from being rivals in a court, to collaborating partners.
Nokia will offer certain services and infrastructures to Apple, and Apple for its part will return Nokia's health products to its physical and online stores, after having withdrawn them due to its confrontation with the Finnish company.
It has not transcended what Nokia products or services will use Apple or the economic amounts related to the use of Nokia patents, but we will probably know in a few months when Nokia publishes its revenue results for this concept. In short, good news and a less judgment than Tim Cook has to worry about.
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