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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Only 5 days left for the WWDC and Apple releases new products

We are as surprised as you, the firm of Californian firm has taken, no more or less, five new MacBooks, four new iPad and another device in the newly released CEE.
Next Monday, June 5, the WWDC (World Wide Developers Conference) will begin, which would begin at 7:00 pm in Spanish time . From this moment, they will realize the keystone of inauguration of the conference itself.

The Big Surprise

Apple, as usual, will introduce new products , projects they are working on and even the upgrade or just new iOS operating systems. But what clashes with the company's customers of the bite apple is not this, the curious fact is that quite possibly, those of Cupertino, will unveil a new range of MacBook notebooks and even new iPad , for the first time in quite a long time .
T odes reliable sources and rumors suggest that this is very possible , while others say without any fear, including the economic of Euroasia. The new notebooks so appreciated by consumers of this brand, will come incorporated with the new operating system, Sierra, while the iPad mentioned above, will come with iOS 10.
This new range of MacBook notebooks comes with a curious reference number: A1289, A1347, A1418, A1419, and A1481. The iPad with iOS 10: A1671, A1709, A1670, and A1701 . This does not end here, since it is very possible that they have a keyboard with the number A1843.

It was time to renew laptops

MacBook Pro
The upcoming MacBook models are eagerly anticipated, these will surely come in a size of 13 inches , along with two models of MacBook pro, which will bring 15 inches and a model with only 12 . On the other hand, the two devices that will have built-in iOS 10, ie the iPad, will be two models of iPad Pro, each with 10.5 inches (one with Wi-Fi and the other with Wi-Fi and LTE) Two more models of iPad Pro of 12.9 inches.
If these data were true, we could be facing a giant step on the part of Apple, the new generation of the beloved MacBook Pro, since only 9 months ago was its presentation in October 2016 . It is believed that this will have something to do with Intel and more capacity in its RAM.
Last year, the same sources who affirm this, we confirmed the models of iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus that we know today , apart from 10 different models of Apple Watch. As the title says, in just 5 days we will see if these rumors are true or not. It would be a great and happy news for Apple customers and users.

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