Thursday, May 25, 2017

Such are the Chinese copies of the iPhone 8

The best-known Chinese brands such as Xiaomi, One Plus or Huawei have already passed that stage in which they imitate all Apple products in order to try to get a small market share in China. Nowadays, these types of brands already only and only think of surpassing the company of the apple making its own products.
Even with all this, in China there are still brands that solely and exclusively are dedicated to copy the products of Apple and especially the iPhone, to remove them a few months before. This more than offending fans of Apple products, should serve as a way to spend that long wait between one generation and another iPhone. Precisely for this, today in Applesencia we show you the clones of the iPhone 8 that are already on the market.
Specifically, today we will talk about the image where we can see how the Chinese have already shot the design of the iPhone 8 including even the logo of the apple . Broadly speaking, aspects such as the camera, the construction or the fingerprint sensor are placed in the same way that was mentioned in the first leaks of this terminal.
Chinese clone iphone 8
The problem is that if you look a little more and remember the latest leaks that are certainly the most accurate, these clones are just a small anecdotal chapter of the history of the iPhone 8. If we go into detail and according to the latest leaks, Apple would have Bet by a flash for its rear camera placed between the double camera that will dispose the terminal , and not like these copies that locate it in the inferior part of both cameras.
Another of the great aspects that draw us to the attention of these terminals is the situation of their reader of traces in the back taking into account the first rumors, that mentioned that Apple had a problem to integrate the Touch ID on screen, that by What has been said in the last leaks seems to be solved.
Chinese clone iphone 8
Construction, is another of the great mysteries of these phones being exactly the same as the current iPhone, and do not incorporate any kind of change as it is rumored to do Apple with its next terminal.
Undoubtedly, this new episode within the history of the iPhone 8 is one of the most peculiar to be able to see mixed ideas of Apple's future smartphone, with some of the most serious construction failures of these Chinese manufacturers to date. Hopefully, this type of brand does not go back to the beat and take out its own iPhone, once the original has been presented .

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