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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

The 5 Essential Apps by Victor Correal, CEO of GuideDoc

After the success of the post in which I commented the 5 apps essential in my day to day , I decided to continue this section with other bloggers and influencers so that you can discover new apps and new uses, today is the turn of Victor Correal , CEO of GuideDoc , a service that you will love if you are a lover of documentaries, given many describe it as the "Netflix" of documentaries. Keep an eye on her.
And now, after a brief presentation of Victor, we will know his 5 essential and personally described by him:

1Bear, the app to write ideas and scripts

Bear is an ideal app for writing texts.
There I write everything, ideas, scripts, scales, presentations, when the Apple 5 × 1 ask me for things like this ... I love the design and how it works. In addition they do some boys of Parma, very important to give life also to non-American companies.
Access your iOS and Mac apps from your website.

2AppFigures, to monitor the stats of your apps

AppsFigures allows you to monitor statistics for your apps.
The statistics that Apple gives you of your app are a **** ******. There are many solutions out there to have controlled downloads, inapp purchases, etc ... I have tried a lot of them but, for now, this has seemed the best. In addition they are very close, I have spoken several times with the founder who has listened kindly my proposals of improvement and that soon has implemented.
You can download your app and know its service through its website.

3Inbox by Gmail, default mail manager

Google Inbox allows you to postpone mails.
On the main screen of my iPhone I have Gmail Inbox. From the main app Gmail can not postpone emails, an action that is basic for me and that from the browser I can do without problem thanks to Streak.
Download this app in the App Store through this link .

4Engage, to control the statistics of Twitter accounts

You will be able to know the interaction of the most influential followers with the account.
This is an official Twitter app but it is only available in the United States (although that's not a problem, as all Apple 5 × 1 readers will know). It's the app I use to see statistics for my Twitter accounts. I also have to say, I get the feeling that it is the typical app that Twitter will be charging soon. We will see.
Find out more from Twitter Engage here .

5Captio, to send your notes to the mail

Captio is an app to send your annotations to the email.
This is one of the simplest apps I use and one of my favorites. It's like a notes app, you open it, you write it, you give it a feel and you get an email with what you've written. Like magic.

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