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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

The application of the WWDC will have a design similar to that of Apple Music

On June 5, 2017, the long-awaited WWDC (World Wide Developers Conference) will begin, the convention that Apple makes annually to showcase its upcoming products and its ideals for future projects.
If you have tried to download the WWDC application , you can clearly see that the interface and the design itself has changed, familiarizing it in some way with the Apple Music tool, as similarities abound between these two services of the California firm.

Apple and its toys

WWDC confirmed for June 5, 2017
Not only the design, because if we take a look at the calendar of the application, we will see that eachkeynote will last approximately two hours . The app also comes with a set of stickers that refer to the event in question, which can only be used through iMessage.
This tool not only allows us to know more about what will happen in this long-awaited conference by Apple users, as it will give us access to a series of videos, which will have as a subject matter of common interest with developers And will also offer us an interactive map with the address and all the data of the building in which the event will take place.
The new update of this tool does not end here, because when opening the calendar we will see a series of rather flashy and curious titles , among them there will be some with emoticons, which will be linked to events that Apple has not officially released

WWDC will not disappoint us

WWDC 2015, The epicenter of change
One thing is quite clear, especially for business users of the apple bite, June 5 will be a day that will clear many doubts and create many more . We would also be happy to know what products will be outdated or what Apple has planned to do for the near future.
Why is this event so much anticipated by Apple customers? Very simple, we just have to see the amount of things that the company brought to light at this convention over the last few years . The first iPhone, presented by Apple's father and founder, Steve Jobs , 10 years ago, just to give an example, which was a revolutionary device, but not only for the world of electronics in general, but for the era per se.
We can be sure that Apple will leave us in awe, we will want to buy an iPhone as soon as we leave or simply see the rest of the brands that are dedicated to the world of electronics in a totally different way. Those of Cupertino will continue to lead the market in which they have been leaders for many years .

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