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Tuesday, May 30, 2017

The best cases for the iPhone 7

An iPhone needs protection, that is clear, and is that nobody likes to see how our investment of hundreds of euros is shattered against the ground for not having put neither tempered glass or sling. Yes, we already know that you love the touch of your cell phone, but surely you will love it as the first day, and for this we need at least a good case, and today we will help you find the best For your iPhone 7.

The best Spigen cases for iPhone 7

At this point, you should know that the little quality case of the neighborhood store does not protect your iPhone as it should. Yes, it may save you from some fall, but if you really want your mobile not to be destroyed in the ground, maybe you should consider other cases, and there are few better than the ones that Spigen brings us.

Spigen Liquid Armor

When buying a case for our smartphone, the touch is one of the main differentiating elements, and in that aspect the Liquid Armor of Spigen more than meets the eye. A TPU case with a engraved pattern that makes catching it a delight , and to end the days when we slipped the iPhone in our hands, what more can we ask for just 7.99 euros ?
Spigen Liquid Armor for iPhone 7€ 7.99TO BUY
PVP 7,99 €

Spigen Liquid Crystal

If we could not attribute anything to the previous case , the less we can to this, and is that Spigen is overcome to, maintaining a good grip and not too thick thickness, give us a quality cover, which improves by adding the transparent back , Something appreciated by those who do not want to see how our cell phone disappears under a cover.
Spigen Liquid Crystal for iPhone 7€ 9.89TO BUY
PVP 9.89 €

Spygen Hybrid Armor

The first two cases are aesthetically attractive, that's for sure, although if we want real protection, nothing like the Hybrid Armor for the iPhone 7, which with its high quality materials leaves no gap, however small, without protection. In other words, a life insurance for our iPhone , which you can buy at your official store .
Still, it should be noted that these covers are not all your iPhone needs, but you could use a good screen saver or, who knows, maybe a vinyl . Tell us, what are you wearing?

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