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Sunday, May 28, 2017

The "connected" bulbs of IKEA are compatible with Apple HomeKit

As we can see here, the great Swedish brand of furniture and all kinds of home accessories, IKEA, seems to have a quality in common with our beloved Californian firm, as both like to innovate in the world of electronics , not At the same level as Apple would, but above its own competition.
This is not the first step in IKEA's domestic innovation, because as we saw earlier, they brought to the market furniture that we could not even imagine for years, such as chests or tables that could charge our mobile phone . Already in their day, they announced the intelligent light bulbs .
The technology that these bulbs use is called TRÅDFRI , these simple lights will turn our house into something we saw in films with a more futuristic character, since thanks to assistant home to the California firm, the Apple HomeKit, can control the lights of Our address by voice control.

The revolutionary light bulb

Apple homekit
Thanks to the success that voice assistants are having today, we could soon see all this as a common thing, since as this became popular, they would also increase the sales of these light bulbs, to this we must add that they are compatible with our mobile phones And this makes us have another reason to acquire several of them.
Many lamps have been invented many years ago by clapping, and now we could have a whole house at our mercy , only in words to perform an action that not long ago could be considered science fiction. The speed with which technology advances today is incredible.
This new lighting system is another attempt by IKEA to have our home more connected to electronics and to get used to living day by day in a more comfortable and close future, to the point where all or almost all The household chores can be made in this innovative way.
Apple presenting Homekit
When we think of furniture, immediately the first thing that comes to mind is IKEA and its famous myths to assemble and assemble their products. On the other hand, when we think of computers, mobiles or even tablets, we directly remember Apple , for example, there is no mobile phone more iconic and famous than our beloved iPhone.
The Swedish furniture firm and the bite apple company seem to have the vision that in 20 or 30 years, this voice control system is something that we all or almost all have in our homes. Apple has always said that working to make our lives easier , this would be another big step in that direction.

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