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Thursday, May 25, 2017

The new Macs would have a slimmer design

The evolution of the models of the laptops of the company have improved the design positively . Without a doubt, from the last generation we find a very fine and elegant design , which from my point of view make it the most beautiful Mac in the company. Still, it seems that the Californian firm would aim to further reduce the size of the Apple device. What do you have in mind?

Apple to introduce an improved Thunderbolt 3 in the Mac range

It seems that Apple would improve the incorporation of the port Thunderbolt 3 in the range Mac . It should be noted that its main characteristics are the great speed in data transfer, since it achieves a speed of up to 40 gb / s . Another feature of this innovative port is the ability to connect up to a pair of 4K resolution monitors .
The improvement of this port would be possible thanks to the impulse of Intel, since they would be able to realize compatible hardware with this connector so potent. In this way, the Californian firm would continue with its objective of increasingly reducing the number of ports of the laptop to center everything in one of great power.
On the other hand, the integration of Thunderbolt 3 in the chip itself , would avoid the use of a specific controller, which would achieve some savings in energy consumption.
The great joint collaboration of Apple and Intel is allowing great advances in the current laptops . And is that the innovative technologies of both companies, are leaving with great disadvantage the laptop market, where the rest of the competition presents products very similar to each other, and with traditional hardware connectors.
MacBook concept without keyboard
In my view, the integration of this port will be of vital importance to open the new era of laptops , where lightness and power have become two of the most important parameters in choosing a laptop.

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