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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

The Siri Speaker would already be in the process of being manufactured for presentation at WWDC

The long-awaited Siri Speaker will likely be finding its way at the Apple Store counters later this year, according to a Bloomberg report, Apple has begun manufacturing the speaker and could find its debut in this year's WWDC.
Bloomberg sources stated that Apple's smart speaker will differentiate itself from its competitors by bringing in "virtual surround sound technology" and deep integration with Apple's current lineup. Prototype trials began months ago, as we have noted in earlier notes. The manufacturing company behind Apple AirPods will also be responsible for building the new speaker.
Apple's Virtual Assistant for Home Based Siri

Apple seeks a place in the virtual assistant market

As it has been leaked for a few months, the audio technology inside the speaker is what Apple expects will give it the competitive advantage. Other sources also shared that the speakers are stronger and can "play sound more powerful" than their rivals, as Apple has considered measuring room acoustics to adjust sound levels.
As the battle for domestic loudspeakers continues, different companies are competing for competitive advantage. While Amazon Echo and Google Home have become a staple for many, new competitors such as Essential Home prove that the market is still new. By bringing a smart home speaker to market, Apple will be able to integrate it into its own ecosystem of services.
In this sense, HomeKit is already a significant addition in the Apple ecosystem, but a smart speaker would bring the Apple Siri assistant home. Integrating perfectly within services like HomeKit and Apple Music would make the speaker even more attractive.
Apple's developer conference is slated to kick off next week featuring MacBook updates, a potentially new 10.5-inch iPad, and new iOS, watchOS, tvOS and macOS upgrades across the board.

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