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Thursday, May 25, 2017

These are the prototypes of iPhone 8 that Apple has created

Three new photos have been filtered showing what could be the design of the new iPhone 8, iPhone X or iPhone Edition of 2017.
Apparently it is a few prototypes that Apple has been working and whose design has a dual camera in an upright position, a touch ID sensor on the back, a glossy glass finish, side bevels of about 5 mm and without Home button .
Given the unquestionably appalling visual aesthetics of the design of this iPhone 8 we are almost certain that we are before the rejected prototypes that Apple decided to discard . But, for the moment, we can not confirm or deny anything.

What will be the winning prototype?

Yesterday we shared a filtered video of a possible iPhone 8 with a rather more attractive design . It had a dual camera in a vertical position, yes, something that does not just convince consumers; But it also had an integrated Touch ID on an edge-to-edge OLED display with no side bezels.
IPhone 8 prototypes
Returning to today's filtered images, we can see that they have a Touch ID fingerprint sensor located on the back cover just below the Apple logo. The rumors have not come to clarify whether the company will be able to integrate the Touch ID into the OLED screen, but we do know that they have had problems with its implementation .
IPhone 8 prototypes
The front screen also does not seem to offer the additional functions of the camera settings that were expected for the iPhone 8, so from 9to5mac think that should be the initial phase of development of the terminal design .
IPhone 8
Finally, this shared image via Mobile Expose shows us renders created by designers who have been based on rumors and leaks. In this case we do not see the Touch ID on the back but a dual camera. According to the render, the iPhone 8 would be available in four colors: black, silver, white and gold.

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