Wednesday, May 24, 2017

This is the most real render the iPhone 8 to date

The iPhone 8 will go down in history because it is surely the most different phone to what we have accustomed Apple . The design and some of the main features of the future iPhone, are already more known thanks to the daily leaks on the terminal.
In addition to all this, every day we take a new step by obtaining and filtering new renders more and more similar to the one that will be the iPhone 8. So much so, that some of the younger designers have specialized in performing these renders and leaks to Thus have a greater impact on the sector.
IPhone 8 borderless concept
One of these designer accounts that is undoubtedly upside thanks to the iPhone 8, is that of Benjamin Geskin author of the main leaks of the future terminal . This young designer has managed to inform all fans of Apple of such diverse aspects of the phone as the position of the double camera, construction materials or the size of the device.
Precisely has been today, when said account has returned to show, this time on two occasions, the physical appearance of the next iPhone. On the one hand, in a near perfect rendering shows us the top of the terminal in both the front and back , where we can see details already known as the front of the terminal all screen, double rear camera in a vertical position and construction From the back in what looks like glass.
On the other hand, today in his account has also shown us a video where we could see what looked like a real-size model of the iPhone 8 , somewhat deteriorated in the face of renders as its author has commented that the models are usually more difficult to create. What we have been more than clear, is that just like all of us have a name and surnames, it seems that the iPhone 8 has a design already more than confirmed.
Now we only have to wait to see when Apple announces a new conference that is not the WWDC, to confirm the date of the presentation of the next terminal of the people of Cupertino.
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