Wednesday, May 24, 2017

This leaves the security system of the scanner of eyes of Samsung Galaxy S8

It seems that recognizing the iris of the eyes to unlock a Samsung Galaxy S8 is not a very good idea. If you use one of these smartphones, you may prefer to disable this functionality because it is very insecure . In the video below we can see how taking a photo with a digital camera that has a night mode (in particular a Sony CyberShot DSC-V1, of the year 2003) it is possible to unlock a Galaxy S8 by putting that image printed in front of the front camera. The night mode of these cameras all it does is remove a series of filters between the sensor and the lens so that the infrared light can be captured. Taking the photo in full daylight, the resulting image is greenish color but perfectly captures the iris of the subject's eyes, With the information that also looks for the front camera of the S8. Although that old camera (13 years old) has only 5 megapixels, it is more than enough to print the photo, put some lenses on it to give that characteristic reflex that also looks for the system of unlock, and there we have it; An easy and simple system that allows you to unlock a Samsung Galaxy S8 without its owner in front.
For this reason, we hope that Apple does not implement something like that, and if you use the front camera of future iPhone models to recognize the user's iris, other than to unlock the system; For that, Touch ID and fingerprints work super well ... quickly and efficiently, in any environment, with or without light.
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