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Friday, May 26, 2017

This was the last cover of New Yorker using an iPad Pro

A few days ago, news excited us about the changes iOS 11 can bring exclusively for the iPad, and make it a better choice when it comes to replacing a computer. However, and the expectation that this possibility materializes or not, there are many examples that as it is known Apple tablet is very useful for the most unexpected activities; The cover artwork for this week's New Yorker issue was created by an artist using an iPad Pro and Apple Pencil, and as the magazine did in January, this time also shared a video showing how the artwork was created.
The video of this work that generated so much empathy between the followers of the magazine and of course, the iPad, is available on the website of New Yorker

New Yorker cover illustrated with iPad Pro and Apple Pencil

In both cases it has been the same artist, the architect of the result that today publishes this means of communication; Is Jorge Colombo, who has considerable experience with iDevices to create his art. He first started doing it on an iPhone eight years ago, in 2009 - with just his finger - and said illustration was the cover of New Yorker back then.
New Yorker iPad cover
Colombo says he now works almost exclusively on iPhone or iPad , using a mix of applications that leave watercolor and ink effect.
Another fanatic of this work was the same Tim Cook, who published on Twitter a quote from Colombo in which he said he was surprised by the realism of the work.

"This was a risky drawing to make ... I kept worrying that the ball would hit me or the iPad." @thejorgecolombo 
Photo published for Jorge Colombo’s “Brooklyn Bridge Park”

Jorge Colombo’s “Brooklyn Bridge Park”

“It’s one of my favorite places to hang out,” Colombo says, about the park he sketched for the cover of this week’s magazine.

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