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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Tim Cook urges Donald Trump to keep the United States in the Paris climate pact

Apple's environmentally friendly philosophy is well-known by brand followers, and honoring that belief, the company is not indifferent to the decisions of great impact in this matter; According to a Bloomberg report, Tim Cook is among a handful of influential CEOs who have been in contact with President Trump in connection with the Paris climate deal , in order to urge the United States to be part of it.
Among those urging President Trump to keep the United States in the Paris climate deal are Tim Cook for Apple, Tesla, Elon Musk and Andrew Liveris of Dow Chemical.
Tim Cook

Apple calls for US involvement in climate deal in Paris

It has been reported by several outlets that President Trump currently intends to leave the pact, while Trump himself joked on Twitter, saying he will announce his decision "in the coming days." The Paris climate agreement has the support of 195 countries around the world and focuses on reducing greenhouse gas emissions to nullify the impact of climate change. The only two countries in the United Nations that do not currently support the agreement are Syria and Nicaragua.
Tim Cook has been a champion of clean energy, working to push Apple's operations into 100 percent renewable energy. In its 2017 Environmental Responsibility Report released earlier this year, Apple said it powers its facilities at 96 percent renewable energy, up from 93 percent in 2017.
In addition, Apple has pushed its suppliers to be more aware of its impact on the environment. Currently, seven of Apple's top suppliers have promised to use renewable energy by the end of next year. Perhaps most notably, Apple recently announced its plans to stop mining the land and build all its products from recycled materials.
Faced with this important reality, Cook affirmed
Climate change is undeniable. The resources of the Earth will not last forever. And technology must be safe for people to make and use. We do not question these realities - we challenge ourselves to ask ourselves what we can do with them in every part of our business.
Tim Cook is a firm believer in putting the differences aside to work with President Trump and his administration. Cook attended a meeting at Trump Tower late last year, which featured Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump.

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