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Tuesday, May 30, 2017

What is the blue light that the screens of our devices give off?

We tell you what is the blue light that the screens of all the electronic devices and the dangers that it causes us, as well as the solutions to avoid it.

What is the blue light?

There's been a lot of talk lately that the blue light is bad for the eye, but there's more. Approximately 25% of visible white light is blue, which is composed of different shades with different wavelengths. Not all rays of blue light are harmful to our health.
  • Blue-purple light blue-violet. With a shorter wavelength it is the one that has the most energy. This blue light tone can cause fatigue and visual stress , in addition to the early onset of DMAE (Age Related Macular Degeneration) one of the leading causes of blindness in the world. Not to confuse blue-violet light with ultraviolet light, they are totally different rays of light, although it is common to confuse them.
  • Turquoise light. Unlike the previous one, this shade of blue presents important health benefits . It is the one in charge of "putting in hour" our biological clock, regulates the cycles of sleep, the body temperature and the cognitive processes and of memory.
Today, due to advances in technology, the exposure of the eyes to light blue-violet has increased markedly, due to three causes:
  1. The visible light of the LED displays of different devices, such as computers, tablets or smartphone, have a much higher percentage of blue light than natural lights.
  2. A study showed that every mobile phone user watches his device about 150 times a day , to which we must add the times we watch television or use the computer. All this at a short distance with the device in question, which increases the degree of exposure.
  3. If we review the history of electronic devices, we realize that in a very short period of time we have significantly increased the use of them in our lives. This has caused our body has not been able to create physiological compensation mechanisms to protect itself.
Estimation of the use of the screens with blue light.
Estimation of the use of the screens with blue light. Source: EyeZen.

Risks of the blue light

Receiving a high percentage of blue light rays causes:
  • Fatigue and visual stress. It appears when the eyes have to see in conditions of low or high light and also when they have to focus for a long time to see, for example, texts, videos or images on a Smartphone, tablet or computer.
  • Alteration of circadian rhythms. The light from electronic devices can interrupt your sleep cycle, making it harder to sleep and stay asleep and this, in the long run, can cause serious health problems.

How to protect ourselves from the blue light?

One of the easiest and recommended natural remedies, not only for the blue light but for all our organisms, is to eat fruits and vegetables, because they are foods rich in antioxidants that protect us against AMD.
The second method and the most novel are glasses with special lenses for blue light . Thanks to these lenses reduces the transmission of the blue light emitted by the LED screens, limiting the eye fatigue. If you are a student , professional, fan of the series and in short, if you spend hours and hours in front of a screen, this is your best method to take care of your eyes.
There are several options we have to buy these glasses. In Spain, opticians like Alain Afflelou or EyeZen already sell them for € 39 and € 50, respectively. El Corte Ingl├ęs has already incorporated this model of glasses for 40 € and in Amazon there are several options, although we leave our recommendation here .


Whether it's work, study, or just a hobby, we spend many hours a day in front of a screen and although we sometimes do not notice it, in the long term it is very likely that we will remember it if we do not put solutions. We have no choice but to make use of these electronic devices, therefore, we must take care of our visual health.

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