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Saturday, May 27, 2017

What steps to take if your iPhone is stolen

One of the worst situations you can live is that they steal or lose your iPhone . A situation that unfortunately happens more than we think and why we want to help if it is your case. We teach you the steps that you must follow in these cases.

What to do if your iPhone is stolen or lost?

If you lose or simply steal the iPhone you should follow a few steps that can help you find it and protect your data at the same time. The best thing is that you always have the "Search for my iPhone" option activated, thanks to this iOS feature, you can search and find your device in case you do not find your smartphone. Settings -> Apple ID, iCloud , iTunes and App Store -> iCloud -> Search my iPhone.
Find my iPhone
Access to "Search for my iPhone" on iCloud
If the "Search for my iPhone" option is not activated , the best thing to do is report the disappearance of your device to the authorities . Little extra room for maneuver in this case. However, we analyze the situations separately.

If "Search for my iPhone" is enabled on your deleted device

As I told you before, you can use the "Search my iPhone" feature to search for the device and take other additional steps to help you recover and protect your data.
  • Simply log in to  icloud.com/find  on a Mac or a computer, unless you can connect through another iOS device using the  official Search my iPhone app .
  • It's time to look for your device. Open "Search for my iPhone" and select the device you want to search once you are logged in. The app will show you the location on a map. If the device is nearby, you can make it play a sound so that you or someone close to your situation can find it.
  • Activates the Lost mode . While you find your device, you can use the Lost mode. This mode allows you to lock your device remotely with a code, display a personalized message with your phone number on the lost device lock screen, and  record the location of the device . An important point of this section is that if you have credit or debit cards with Apple Pay, you can rest easy. The ability to pay with Apple Pay through the device is suspended when you put your iPhone in Lost mode.
Lost device location
Find my iPhone
  • If in spite of all the above you do not find it and you want to prevent that someone can find it and use it, it is best to delete your iPhone remotely. This method involves a number of important points that you should evaluate before. By deleting the content of your device, all of your information (including credit or debit cards for Apple Pay) will be deleted and you will not be able to search for it a second time using the "Search for my iPhone" tool. After deleting a device, you will not be able to locate it. If you delete the device from your Apple ID after deleting your content, the activation lock will remain disabled. This allows others to activate and use your device, but not your information.
  • The next step you should do is inform the mobile operator that you have lost your device or have been stolen to disable your account to prevent calls, send text messages and use data.

What happens if your iPhone is off or without data?

If the lost device is switched off or offline, you can continue to put it in Lost mode, block it or erase the content in it. It will only take the next time the device connects for these actions to take effect. If you remove the lost iPhone from your Apple ID, these pending actions are canceled.

How do I turn off the Lost mode?

To disable the Lost mode you only have to enter the code on your device. However, through iCloud or the Find my iPhone application you can do this step.

If "Search my iPhone" is disabled

Now, let's face it, if you did not have "Search for my iPhone" activated before you lost the device or it was stolen, you will not be able to use it to locate the device. However, you can follow some steps to protect your data:
  • The first thing you should do is change the password of your Apple ID. To perform this step, simply access your iCloud data. It would not be more than this step of changing passwords apply with other accounts that you may be using (emails, Twitter, Facebook, etc).
Functions to find your device
Find my iPhone
  • Report the loss or theft of the device to the police immediately. The police could ask you for the serial number of the device, so you should note it before going anywhere, better safe than sorry.
  • Tell your mobile operator of the loss or theft of the device, this can help you as your operator can deactivate the account, prevent phone calls, send text messages or the consumption of mobile data.
I hope you have been served this small tutorial on the steps to take in case of losing your iPhone. If unfortunately you have lost your device and have followed any of our cases, do not hesitate to tell us your experience.

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